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NEW Balanced Life Dog & Cat Food & Treats 

Created with the principles of raw pet food nutrition, the range offers the same fusion of moisture and sustenance that canine and feline digestive systems became accustomed to in the wild. Combining single meat proteins, organs and oils with natural fruits and vegetables, this moist food promotes healthy digestion and increases beneficial probiotic growth in the gut.

ProGroom Pet Grooming products

Matted coats, dirty coats, greasy coats, smelly coats... ProGroom has a solution for them all. ProGroom products have been researched, developed, trialled, and tested to fit specific grooming purposes. Australian-made with the highest-grade, all-natural ingredients formulated with safe cosmetic grade ingredients derived from Natural Sources that are environmentally friendly.

New Heiniger grooming clippers!

Heiniger equipment is proudly designed and produced in Switzerland, with a reputation for true quality trusted by professionals worldwide. As the innovative world leaders in animal shearing, the Heiniger range is constantly evolving to best meet animal grooming needs with each addition. 

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